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ILI is a year-long experience for artists, culture bearers, and other arts practitioners

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Emmy Award for Alum Noel Quiñones!

CONGRATULATIONS! ILI Year 2 Alum Noel Quiñones for won an Emmy for his contribution to El legado de la Poesía Puertorriqueña (Legacy of Puerto Rican Poetry)! The short film on

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Meet the Year 4 ILI Participants

Intercultural Leadership in Action

The Intercultural Throughline

Native Land Acknowledgement

The Intercultural Leadership Institute (ILI) inherently honors the Indigenous lands of the colonized United States of America specifically by examining, Who We Are, Where We Are, How We Work, and Why This Matters; the four ILI Core Questions. We recognize that this land that extends into the beautiful Pacific Islands in Hawai’i, that reaches to the north to the resource rich soil of Alaska, to the lands that encompass Central North America or Turtle Island with islands that lay in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, are and have been stewarded and held sovereign, not by the European relatives that forced their colonial power, but by multi-national Indigenous relatives who have ancient lineages that were and are still tied to these sacred lands. We acknowledge this history and honor these ancient lineages as well as those who were stolen or made to flee from their sovereign land due to colonization, genocide, or war.

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