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Author: Sarah Sao Mai Habib

A black and white photograph showing four men sitting at a table in front of microphones, with three men standing behind them.

Rainbow Coalition

“ The First Rainbow Coalition begins in 1969, when the Chicago Black Panther Party, notably led by Fred Hampton, forms alliances across lines of race

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Image is of a drawing with a person standing and their face turned upwards. In one hand, they are holding a basket with plants standing straight up out of it.

Pueblo Revolt

The first and largest Indigenous uprising in so called North America. “The Pueblo people orchestrated the unthinkable: a pan-Indian uprising successfully expelling the Spanish occupiers

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Sarah Sao Mai Habib

Sarah Sao Mai Habib is a multidisciplinary artist, builder, writer, and cultural worker based in O’ga P’ogeh aka Santa Fe, New Mexico. Habib works at

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