FamILI DINNER #3: HOW WE WORK w/Mehanaokala Hind

FamILI Dinners Feb 23, 2023 6-9pm ET

GET A TASTE OF THE ILI EXPERIENCE! #FamILIDinners are online community workshops open to friends & family of ILI to jump into an intercultural workshop.

The third of 4 events will be Thursday February 9, 2023 from 6-9pm ET centering the core question “HOW WE WORK” and hosted and facilitated by Mehanaokala Hind, ILI PA’I host in 2019 and Kumu Hula and cultural practitioner skilled in hula and oli.

“E Pū Paʻakai Kākou” Lets share some salt together. “HOW” We Do Is What Makes Us Unique

“Mai, mai, hele mai e ʻai” this was a common refrain amongst our people to welcome people into our homes to have something to eat. This was the epitome of showcasing you were raised with the best values of a Hawaiian ʻohana, family. Even if all the ʻohana had in their home was water and salt, this would be an offering recognized by the guest as a great gesture of hospitality. This is how we show up at the entry way as the host and when outside of our homeland, this is how we show up as a guest. The ILI ʻohana is made up of all the distant relatives coming together to feast, to share our talents, to laugh, to cry, to fight, to reconcile all with the aloha for…weʻll save the rest of this sentence for the discussion. These are some of the guiding concepts Mehanaokala will share with the group gathered for dinner:

1. Kahea: asking permission. Are you ready to receive and give excellence? Or do you need more time to prepare yourself?

2. Hoʻokupu: Did you bring something to offer to create well-being, even if just a voice. What is the medicine that your bring?

3. Hoʻoponopono: When conflict arises, are you able to create the brave spaces to get to the source of the entanglement and dive deep knowing that there will be trusted ones to provide you with the air you need so you do not drown in the depths of the conflict.

4. Aloha: when creating connections, allow yourself to resonate in harmony with the elemental phenomenon around you and the people who have chosen to spend their time with you.

Each question is an opportunity for reflection. Each action is an exercise in (re)membering our own bodies.

In the end we will have fed the naʻau, our conscience nestled in our belly.

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