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ILI Year

The Year-Long ILI Experience

The Intercultural Leadership Institute is a rigorous, year-long personal and leadership development experience created out of our shared commitment to pursue cultural equity and to support artists, culture bearers and other arts professionals as change-makers in their communities. Applications to ILI are accepted from established and emerging artists, culture bearers and other arts professionals in various stages of career development. We welcome all who move with us throughout each ILI Year – and those who may join us on the path in the future.

The Curriculum

The dynamic learning environment of ILI will cultivate an inclusive intercultural space to provide multiple generations of artists, culture bearers and other arts professionals the skills, support, knowledge, and agency to confidently respond to and initiate approaches to address complex cultural questions.

ILI Core Questions: Who we are, How we work, Where we are, Why this matters
Who we are

Who We Are

  • relishing the knowledge, respect and validation of our identities, histories and trajectories (we are not starting from zero)
  • diving into self-awareness, self-assessment and purposefulness of what it takes to sustain the work we do as individual creators and community stewards
Where we are

Where We Are

  • understanding how our distinct geographies are connected to our communities as sources of pride as well as creative and spiritual nourishment
  • partaking of the flavors, smells, sounds and sights that make our places matter and forge the bridges of cross-cultural love, trust and intimacy
How we work

How We Work

  • rethinking and demystifying the tools-of-the-trade approaches to planning, capacity-building and resource development in the nonprofit art management model
  • learning and mastering practical skills, insights, strategies and tactics to increase business acumen, effectiveness and the impact of our work

Why This Matters

  • grasping the complexity of socio-political changes taking place now and how our communities are shaped by interlocking legacies of power, policies and movements
  • sharpening our understanding of social change theory to craft innovative, future-oriented artistic interventions that make a difference