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Year 4 Fellows

Alison McNeil

Year 4 Fellow

Alexandria, VA

Founder and Chief Creative Officer
McNeil Creative Enterprises

Alison T. McNeil is committed to creating pathways for systemic change in the arts and culture sector. Throughout her career,  she’s led multi-million-dollar change efforts that have directly informed policy, grantmaking, and strategic partnerships. She has created invaluable spaces for women of color, authored numerous publications and delivered presentations on entrepreneurship, equitable evaluation, human centered hiring processes and systemic change. Every effort she’s contributed to is in service to the communities that raised her. Alison holds a BA in Sociology from Hampton University and a MA in Educational Leadership from American University.

Alison has been involved in the performing arts since she was five years old. She started out performing on stages around the world. She shifted to working behind the scenes (e.g., production work, grantmaking, board service) later in life. You can often find Alison in a West African drum circle, listening to music, or dancing to one of her favorite Stevie Wonder songs.