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Year 5 Fellows

Clarivel Ruiz

Clarivel Ruiz
Year 5 Fellow

Clarivel Ruiz (we, us, you) child of the African/Indigenous Diaspora, and Ayiti “Kiskeya” (aka Hispaniola, aka the Dominican Republic and Haiti), raised in NYC on the ancestral bones/covered shrines of Lenapehoking. Clarivel is uses art to honor Black Indigenous people whose histories are marginalized, subverted, and consigned to the fringes of memory. In 2016 we initiated Dominicans Love Haitians Movement to celebrate our commonalities and a liberatory state. In 2020 we conducted a public performance called “Super Human 91”, attaching 91 pieces of sugar cane to protest statelessness and immigration rights. Clarivel is an MFA graduate of CUNY, City College.