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Year 3 Fellows

Jessica Valoris

Year 3 Fellow

Washington, DC

Artist + Community Facilitator

Jessica Valoris is a Washington DC-based multidisciplinary artist. Inspired by Afrofuturism, metaphysics, and historical memory, Jessica builds installations that are sacred, intentional, and activated. Weaving together sound collage, painting, sculpture, and facilitation, Jessica creates portals: immersive environments through which participants are invited to reconnect with personal and universal truths.

Informed by her Black American and Jewish ancestry, Valoris holds an emphatically multidimensional worldview which is reflected in her vividly eclectic visuals and dynamic installations. Using art as a catalyst for collective healing, Valoris affirms the vitality of Black people, complicating flattened histories of oppression, and creating space for affirmative re-definition.