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Year 5 Fellows

Joeseph Arnoux

Joeseph Arnoux
Year 5 Fellow
He/ Them

Albuquerque, NM / Spokane, WA / Browning, MT

Joeseph Arnoux, Blackfeet Nation and Spokane Tribe (Piikani/Sp’q’n’i) works diligently with local organizations such as NACA Inspired Schools Network / Indigenous Educators Corps, ONEABQ Arts & Culture Department (CityMakers), Karuna Colectiva, Story Riders, and Working Classroom in Albuquerque, NM. He served with PublicAllies for 2 consecutive terms (2019-2020), the latter working with New Mexico Community Capital where he photographed merchandise for the IndigiExchange website. His primary roles in the community are teaching artist, cyclist mentor, muralist, and most recently community ambassador in the arts. He now focuses on his personal art exhibitions and projects in the community and abroad.