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Year 3 Fellows

Laura Yohualtlahuiz Rios-Ramirez, MSOL

Year 3 Fellow
ILI allowed me to walk alongside mentors, peers and myself in a way that my work as a culture bearer and performer deeply needed in order to engage in deeper reflections of what interculturality and land need from us as artists, creatives, and visionaries for our liberated futures.

Yanaguana, Somi Se'k Territory (San Antonio, TX)

Weaver of Liberated Futures
De Corazón Circles

Laura Yohualtlahuiz Rios-Ramirez is a detribalized Mexican-born Xicana scholar-practitioner of Tepehuan, Guachichil Chichimeca, French and Spanish origin trained in educational pedagogy, circle keeping, performance art, and community organizing.  They are recognized for their canon of healing-informed praxis intersecting performance art, ancestral knowledge systems and restorative/transformative justice practices as tools for personal and collective transformation.

She holds a BA in International Relations and Latin American Studies and a MS in Organizational Leadership and is a Southwest Folklife Fellow focusing on Participatory Action Research and an Intercultural Leadership Institute Fellow focusing on interculturality in the field of arts & culture. She co-leads, Kalpulli Ayolopaktzin, a transnational inter-tribal group of families preserving Anahuaka teachings and participates with the Wind & Warrior Sacred Waters Pilgrimage healing colonial trauma through ritual solidarity across Black/Indigenous diaspora.  She is a veteran Bgirl/Hip Hop dancer with IllMILF crew, a wife, and most importantly a Mami passionate about healing intergenerational/colonial trauma through matriarchal leadership, folklore preservation and cultural resiliency.

Laura is Co-Founder and Visionary behind De Corazón Circles, a consulting and capacity building agency envisioning an equitable world where restorative interactions transform, prevent, repair and offer deep healing of harm through the power of circle keeping. Currently they align stars with the Center for Cultural Power as Constellations Network Weaver, where her passion as a culture bearer, artist, advocate & Afro-Indigenous Futurist  spark love, hope, & joy!