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Year 3 Fellow, Contributors

Marlo De Lara

Marlo De Lara
Year 3 Fellow, Contributor

Baltimore, MD - Piscataway and Nanticoke

Marlo De Lara received a PhD in Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at University of Leeds, a Masters in Psychosocial Studies from the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies from the University of Essex. Her research areas focus on personal and social histories/narratives, postcolonial/post-imperial studies, racial trauma, and migration/diaspora studies, specifically Filipinx Americans.

Her practice works within the realms of sound performance, visual distraction, and film, aiming to blur definitions of the (un)intentional and (im)permanence. Using found objects, installation, and various forms of amplification, environments/structures use sound to impart meaning/affect for participants. Focusing on interactions between sound, visual work, and the stories of those encountering the work and  furthermore informed by coming of age experiences as the child of Philippine migrants, an unabashed feminist sociopolitical practice/research lens is used, editorializing on contemporary global conditions. Her investigations on art collectives and creative work as political action fuels Ladyz in Noyz, an international arts open collective that promotes emerging artists/musicians who are women. She is Principal Faculty at American Music Dramatic Academy College and Conservatory of Performing Arts and is the Director of Grants and Community Care at the new media experimental art space in downtown Los Angeles Coaxial Arts Foundation.