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Marquetta Dupree

Team Member
ILI Programs Associate

Atlanta, GA

Marquetta Dupree is loving her role as the ILI Arrangements Ally formerly known as the ILI Programs Associate and loves connecting with all of the people that the role allows.
She is the Owner and Operator of Marquetta Dupree Wellness International LLC in Atlanta, GA which offers dance, holistic health, and fitness services for the body, mind and spirit. With a Bachelors of Science degree in Sports Medicine and a background in West African Dance, Marquetta’s passion for dance and love of kinesiology, allows her to offer a wide range of skills and services to her clients.  The goal always being to create healthy community and connection. Marquetta is deeply rooted in a spiritual background of ministering through one’s art. She is a first-degree Reiki healer, singer and sound healer, and ceremonial facilitator.  Marquetta is now in her 6th year as a Zumba Jammer (professional choreographer) in which she creates original choreography, and teaches that dance choreography in 3 hour sessions for dance fitness instructors.