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Year 5 Fellows

Nyya Toussaint

Nyya Touissant
Year 5 Fellow

New York, NY / Miami, FL / Chicago, IL

Creative Director
Lanbi ak Manchèt
Nyya Toussaint, is a Haitian American and Black American scholar of the Sociology of Religion, Linguistics, and International Affairs. Nyya is a founding member and the Creative Director of Lanbi ak Manchèt; a cultural and spiritual organizing hub committed to social advocacy and liberation. Lanbi ak Manchèt operates as an online platform for artists, political leaders, and faith practitioners to catalyze culture bearing at the intersection of spirituality and global affairs. Hundreds of people have gathered for Nyya’s public programs on Caribbean culture and spirituality and his recorded events garnered thousands of playbacks. He has presented his academic research nationally and internationally on linguistics, international affairs, and Black spirituality and social movement. Nyya is the lead creator of Duolingo’s Haitian Creole course for English speakers. He is a board member of KOSANBA, and member of the Haitian Studies Association and the Political Theology Network. Nyya serves as the Assistant Director at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at New York University. [Image description- black and white image of Nyya Toussaint in a white shirt, pouring libation at a beachside family ceremony in La Romana, Dominican Republic at night.]