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Year 5 Fellows

Tonya Williams

Tonya Williams
Year 5 Fellow

Utica, MS

Program Coordinator
Mississippi Center for Cultural Production

I am the new Program Coordinator for Sipp Culture in Utica, MS which entails helping to support the planning and coordination of Sipp Culture cultural programming, managing the Rural Performance Production Lab, Sipp Culture’s flagship artist residency and project support program among other tasks and duties assigned. Previously, I worked for an Independent/Assisted Living Facility as the Administrative Assistant/Human Resources/Accountant Specialist while performing clerical, administrative, accounting and HR functions.

I have always tried my best to exceed expectations and have worked within a wide variety of fields that included working in customer service, administrative, business administration, payroll, human resources, property and risk management specialists positions.

One of my biggest accomplishments was that I had the opportunity to own my own Coffee Shop/Restaurant. I knew by the age of 13 that I was going to be an entrepreneur. I just didn’t know how or what business that it was going to be. So, when I started my very first job at the age of 13 years old–I started saving money, because I knew that one day it was going towards having my own business. I was blessed to start it in January 2019 but had to close it down December 2021 due to Covid and rent increase.

My motto is to believe in yourself and that you can do anything because with Christ all things are possible. I believe that I am somebody and that I am more than just the color of my skin. I want people to know that where I come from does not determine where I’m going. I believe in pushing myself to the limit and to put in 100% in everything that I do even if I can’t see the end or the outcome. And lastly, to trust and believe and you’ll succeed.