Damia Khanboubi
Co-Facilitator, Fellow Year 3

Damia Khanboubi


New Orleans, LA/Bulbancha

Director of Community Collaboration & Marketing
Junebug Productions

Damia Khanboubi is an arts administrator, community collaborator, digital marketing strategist, and graphic designer whose work centers on the liberation of historically oppressed and disenfranchised communities.

Born in Casablanca and raised in New Orleans, Damia has always found herself immersed in the transformative power of culture. Existing at the intersection of multiple, at times conflicting, cultures, she developed a keen cultural awareness and sensitivity that she considers to be the most important tool in her work.

Damia currently serves as Director of Community Collaboration and Marketing at Junebug Productions, a 41-year-old theater organization with roots in the Civil Rights Movement.

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