Juicebox P. Burton

Juicebox P. Burton


New Orleans, LA

Juicebox P. Burton (she/her) is a black, trans-fem multi-disciplinary artist living in New Orleans. A self-taught artist, she draws inspiration and knowledge through lived experiences. Marching to the beat of her own drum she intentionally creates art rooted in blackness and ignoring the aristocratic gatekeeping of the artworld.

Juicebox grew up in Toledo Ohio, she first dabbled in art competing in drag competitions then moved to Chicago and became immersed in performance art. Performing at Chicago staple Salonathon a popular variety show.

Although well versed in performance art, digital media and music. Film has become the medium of Juicebox’s choice. Her art practice focuses on horror and sci-fi, particularly the ability to escape and be transported to different worlds and drawing comparison to lived experiences without having to be triggered.

In 2017, Juicebox created and became a co-owner of Studio Lalala, a black and trans DIY (do it yourself) mixed media production company utilizing collaboration to centralize resources to give marginalized folks access to the tools needed to actualize their artistic visions and make our voices heard . This access to truth is what drives her work and spirit forward.

Artist Statement

My Practice depicts the complexity of blackness by shifting through the remnants and emerging landscapes of the diaspora. Rooted in the reality of black existence and oblivious to the white gaze. I use the lenses of sci-fi, fantasy and horror capturing the essence of the black community by creating alternate realities to forge an epicenter for processing trauma and love. Constructing an exquisite mirage that stems from impossibility but parallels our present universe. We can uniquely walk between worlds on a path not littered with the bodies of our black ancestors but embedded with their spirit. Allowing us to connect to the depths of our conscious and heal.

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