The Black Doll Project

ILI Year 5 Fellow Clarivel Ruiz is the founder and creator of Dominicans Love Haitians Movement.

In 2017, Dominicans Love Haitians Movement initiated the Black Doll Project as an act of affirmation by sending Black Dolls to the Caribbean to assert the love and power of our Blackness, our Negritude.

As people of color, we have been stigmatized by the lack of representation in media outlets. What has infused our collective narratives is the perception that we are less than, non-existent, and our worth has been devalued.

By sending a Black Doll to a child in the Caribbean (Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico), we reaffirm our existence and empower our children to love, see, and imagine their future selves. Our message is a reminder that they are valued and that they matter.