Composing While Black: ILI Alum Marshall Trammel Update

Composing While Black Book Cover

ILI Alum Marshall Trammel noted in new book

ILI Year 2 Alum Marshall Trammel recently traveled to work with the International Music Institute in Darmstadt, Germany in conjunction with the publishing of the new book Composing While Black: Afrodiasporic New Music Today – in which Marshall is mentioned as a contemporary composer.

Composing While Black presents unique new perspectives on Afrodiasporic contemporary composers active between 1960 and the present, a period that academic inquiry, concert programming, and journalistic accounts have largely ignored up to now, particularly in Europe. This interdisciplinary essay collection engages with opera, orchestral, chamber, instrumental, and electroacoustic music, as well as sound art, conceptual art, and digital intermedia, revealing Afrodiasporic new music as an intercultural, multigenerational space of innovation that offers new subjects, histories, and identities.

Also available on Amazon, but we encourage you to ask your local black-owned bookstore to get a copy for you instead!